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In order to help you to understand California State Laws governing
the purchase, possession and carrying of a firearm we have posted a synopsis compilied by NRA/ILA for you to read and print out for your personal use Click Here

California Department of Justice
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Class Dates are on our Schedule of Events Page
Classes start at 8:00AM – Please Be On Time

Basic CCW Class $100 Non Club Members
Basic CCW Class $75 RPS Club Members
To Register for the Basic CCW Class
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Basic CCW Class is a Two Day Event
16 Total Hours - Saturday and Sunday

Renewal CCW Class $50 for Non Club Members
Renewal CCW Class $25 for RPS Club Members
To Register for the Renewal CCW Class
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CCW Renewal Class is a One Day 4 hour Event
Sunday Only and depends on how many shooters there are.

Other Classes That Are Available
New Shooter Class
To Register for the New Shooter Safety Class
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We occasionally have a NRA Basic Pistol Class
See schedule as these are not a regular club function

Basic Class Information
The New CCW Applicant Class is 8 hours of Classroom and 8 hours of Range Time
A total of 16 hours is required
The CCW Renewal Class is 4 hours Range Time
Depending on the number of shooters of course.

Live firing training sessions are to be held at the Redwood Practical Shooters Monthly Match Area. Classroom Lectures are normally conducted at the Fort Bragg Firehouse. Depending on the weather we may have it right at the match area. The training is given by NRA Certified Instructor Don Miller, recently retired Mendocino County Coastal Sheriff and a long time competition pistol shooter. The Course Curriculum meets the Mendocino County Sheriffs Department requirements for applicants for the State Of California Concealed Carry Permit. Successful participants will be provided with a Certificate of Completion which can be submitted to the Mendocino County Sheriffs office with application for CCW Permit. Local residents, men and women are welcome to signup for attendance.

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